Diving by Gl. Ålbo Camping

The deepest water in Denmark. The area of Marens Hul (Maren’s Hole) is 82 metres deep.

We enjoy telling the story about Maren who was strong as a bear and ran a ferry connection to the island of Fænø, approximately 1 km away. The story goes that once, the local butcher went on the ferry but when he tried to kiss her, she threw him overboard!
With the water depth, current and underwater fauna and flora of the Little Belt, Gl. Ålbo is one of the most exciting diving spots in Denmark, both for diving directly from the beach and from a boat.

Gl. Ålbo – at the heart of the nature reserve Naturpark Lillebælt

Nowhere in Denmark will you find deeper water that close to the shore than by Gl. Ålbo and that is why we started catering for divers at an early stage. We are constantly working at extending the possibilities and improving our services. The air filling station with a capacity of 900 l/min and the cascade filling station with 300,000 l ensure a proper and quick flow. You will never be waiting to fill up your tanks. Our luxury huts, standard huts, rooms, holiday cottage and conference rooms complete the overall package solution for divers.
You can rinse your diving equipment in fresh water right after your dive. We also offer a range of rental dinghies that will easily take you to other interesting diving spots in the area and you can reserve a dinghy ahead of time. We do not offer mixed gas products.

Gl. Ålbo – Day pass

8.00 am – 8.00 pm

Day pass 1:
Day pass for divers outside the site. The pass provides access to the equipment rinsing area and the toilets. Please do not bring wet diving suits into the toilet building. Cars and persons must remain outside the site.

Day pass 2:
Day pass for divers inside the site. Cars and persons may enter the site. Unlimited access to toilets and the equipment rinsing area.

Day pass 3:
If we have sufficient space for day visitors during Whitsun, Ascension Day and on other bank holidays, cars and persons may enter the site and have access to the equipment rising area and the toilets.

Day visitors that have not left by 8.00 pm must pay the price for an overnight stay.
Please note that you can only buy a day pass if we have sufficient space for day visitors. You cannot reserve day visitor passes ahead of time. Download diving pass: click here