Gl. Ålbo Camping

Diving Resort Gl. Albo

Experience the Lillebælt below the surface

Diving in Gl. Ålbo offers some of Denmark’s best diving spots. With the water depth, the current and the unique underwater fauna and flora of the Lillebælt, Gl. Ålbo is one of the most interesting dive sites you will find. Our diving services and facilities make it extremely easy to dive here, direct from the bridge, beach or boat.

The deepest point in Danish inland waters

Nowhere in Denmark is it closer to land than at Gl. Albo. Maren’s hole is 86 meters deep and we like to tell the story of the strong ferrywoman Maren. Once she had a butcher on board. He could not keep his hand to himself and is said to have been thrown overboard and never returned to shore.

Join us on an underwater discovery in the video here...

The owner of the campsite is an active diver and underwater photographer. He is happy to share his 25 years of experience with divers in the Lillebælt. His many videos from below the surface testify to the unique underwater flora and fauna. With the water depth of the Lillebælt and the often strong current, Gl. Ålbo makes it one of the most interesting places for divers. Both directly from the beach and from the boat. Gl. Ålbo offers the setting for an unforgettable diving experience, for you, your family, friends or the diving club and we look forward to welcoming you all.

Diving facility/facilities and support

We are constantly working to expand and improve our service and facilities for divers.

  1. On the site you will find an air filling station with 900 l/min connected to a storage filling station with 300,000 liters of air, which ensures good and fast filling. Mixed products are currently unavailable.
  2. Airstation for self-filling 24/7 (novelty planned for the end of 2022).
  3. OXY-BOX and AED defibrillators are available 24/7.
  4. Rinsing and preparation platform on the shore. The diving equipment can be rinsed with fresh water immediately after a dive.
  5. Diving site maps and “LIVE” current forecast on site. See our diving site map here .
  6. Service and repair of diving equipment is offered. See our price list here .
  7. Rental of diving equipment. Please contact us if you would like to rent our equipment for several days. See our price list here .
  8. Guided diving trips and introductory dives with local diving instructors. Please contact us for booking. More information here.
  9. Our luxury cabins, standard cabins, rooms, cottage and classrooms complete a total solution for divers.
  10. We have several rental boats so you can easily reach other interesting diving sites in the area. The boats can be reserved in advance.
  11. The campsite owner is an active diver and PADI COURSE DIRECTOR and is happy to share his 25 years of experience with divers in the Lillebælt.

5 Star Dive Resort

Gl. Ålbo Dive resort is a certified 5 star PADI Diver resort, this means quality and high service and that we can offer a full diving base setup for you, your association or diving club. We can arrange your stay and run courses in a first class professional and safe environment. In addition, we can offer professional local instructors who speak several languages. In addition, we are also – something we
are very proud of – Lillebælt enthusiasts and not least ambassadors, in fact our own in-house PADI Course Director Martin Pedersen, has prepared a special PADI Lillebælt Explorer special course. So if you want to dive into the sometimes strong currents and treacherous Lillebælt, you have come to the right place.

Bring your own dive boat

You or your group are welcome to bring your own boat. We provide buoys. Please contact us if you would like to bring your own dive boat.

Are you not a guest at the campsite?

Day Pass – Diving

8.00 – 18.00

Day guests after 6 p.m. will be charged at the overnight rate.

Please note that day pass can only be purchased if we have space for day guests. Day pass cannot be pre-ordered.


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