Gl. Ålbo Camping

Fishing at Gl. Ålbo Camping

Fishing for everyone

Fishing at Gl. Ålbo is an Eldorado for anglers. Most fishing dreams can be experienced here. Whether you are a fly fisherman, want to fish with a jig or a spinner, there is a fishing spot for every taste. Everything from salmon, sea trout, cod, garfish, mullet, mackerel and flatfish is caught here. We have a fleet of rental boats that are perfect for fishing in the Lillebælt and will take you to deep waters quickly.

Because of the water depth and current, the sea trout is at home right in front of the campsite. Here – directly from the beach – spin and fly anglers have endless possibilities. But should all fail, there are several put and take lakes nearby.

Gl. Ålbo has the best conditions for a good fishing and family experience. Here you will find a holiday home, luxury cabins, standard cabins, rooms and pitches with electricity for your own tent or caravan. Furthermore, you can also rent one of our many boats to make the fishing experience even better.

Fishing in the Lillebælt

In the Lillebælt you can fish 365 days a year because you will always find shelter along the shore and on the water. At the same time there are many different types of fishing spots a short distance from the coast or out on the Lillebælt. All year round you can fish for sea trout, cod and flatfish and in season there is mackerel, garfish and herring. Other bonus fish are pollock, turbot and mullet.

The Lillebælt connects the Baltic Sea with the Kattegat. Here a large amount of saltwater flows from the Kattegat into the Baltic Sea and brings back the brackish water from the Baltic Sea. Every year, 40 km3 of water flows through the narrow Lillebælt. That corresponds to 40 trillion litres of water. A large amount of water is transported through the narrow Lillebælt, which is why it is deep and has a strong current.

Fishing with the whole family

In Denmark, children can fish without a fishing license. It allows children to learn the secrets of fishing and the many techniques. You can teach the children how to treat nature and fish with respect. Afterwards, the catch of the day can perhaps be prepared for dinner together with the whole family. At Gl. Ålbo, it is possible for the whole family to have a fishing adventure – and shared experiences are twice as much fun.

Bring your own boat

You are welcome to bring your own boat. We provide buoys. Please contact us if you bring your own boat. You can also rent a boat from us.

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At Gl. Ålbo, it is possible for the whole family to have a fishing adventure – and shared experiences are twice as much fun.