Gl. Ålbo Camping

About Gl. Ålbo

Meet the host couple

In 2020, we, Christina & Martin Pedersen, took over the campsite. A water dog and a mermaid are the perfect match to run a campsite specialising in diving and angling. Both have lost their hearts to the Lillebælt and its unique natural and cultural historical narratives. They were born and raised with the Lillebælt as their backyard, so whether you are looking for good stories, natural surroundings or just a wonderful holiday, they are ready to welcome you and your family.

Christina & Martin have previously run a business together and come with a background from the Danish diving industry as well as purchasing and marketing. They love the togetherness and the strength it gives to share everyday life with each other. Together they have 2 girls, Mathilde and Sofie. At the campsite you will find peace, quiet and peace of mind from the host couple.

Martin & Christina Pedersen

Host couple at Gl. Ålbo Camping

One of the most interesting places for divers and anglers

With its water depth, the often-strong current, the unique underwater flora and fauna, Gl. Ålbo one of the most interesting places for divers and anglers. Both directly from the beach and from the boat.

The first camping overnight stays were recorded around 1960. Ellen Beck, a single mother of 11 children, has started renting out pitches on her field – mainly to German tourists from the Hamburg area.

2 hectares of arable land were not enough to live on, so eel rights were also part of the property. In 1970 the entire peninsula was placed under nature protection. At the same time, permission was granted to set up and operate a campsite in Gl. Ålbo.
There are neither holiday home colonies nor mass tourism on the Stenderup Peninsula.

There is only one small campsite here – Gl. Albo.

The story of Gl. Albo

Already in the Stone Age the inhabitants chose the best places to settle. On the beach at Stenderup Hage on the Lillebælt you can still find stone tools and remnants of the manufacture of flint tools. This is proof that people from the Neolithic Age to the present day have benefited from the good location. If we go a little further into the woods around Gl. Ålbo, we find cultural traces such as burial mounds, ramparts and stone dolmens (gravestone tables) that testify to the millennia-old presence of people.

The area is ideal for hiking and biking in the state forests. The story goes that the Danish royal family had large oak forests planted to be used as material for the construction of a larger navy. However, over time these forests lost importance as steel ships were built. In the large forests you can still find oaks that are more than 500 years old.

The beautiful coastline makes a visit to Gl. Ålbo Camping something very special. Here, where the Lillebælt narrows, there are high slopes and a beautiful view of Fænø (island), Fanø Kalv (small island) and the entrance to Kolding Fjord. Nowhere in Denmark is there such deep water so close to the coast as at Gl. Albo. The deepest point is called Maren Loch and measures an impressive 86 m. We like to tell the story of the strong ferrywoman Maren. Once she had the butcher on board. He could not keep his hands to himself and is said to have been thrown overboard and never returned to shore.

Since the 1950s, Gl. Ålbo hosts a campsite. The first owner, Ellen Beck, a single mother of 11 children, had for many years before had open doors and coffee on the jug, for the fishermen who came to Gl. Ålbo. Ellen Beck dared to take the plunge and started with a small ice cream shop, later boat rentals and camping were added. In the beginning she rented pitches on the field mainly to German tourists from the Hamburg area. In 1970 the entire Stenderup peninsula was placed under nature protection. At the same time, an official permit to operate a campsite in Gl. Albo granted.

Christina and Martin are the fourth owners of the campsite and give the unique coastal and cultural history of Gl. Albo continue.