NEW for fly or spin fishermen!
Just leave the beaten path: You are looking for the challenge and love the variety? The Little Belt offers both – and we help you find them!

Our offer for sea trout anglers:

We bring groups from min. 4 people up to max. 16 people who stay at least two nights in our luxury cabins, by boat to various spots and of course back again. This happens in direct agreement with the group. There are several transfers per day. To choose from z. Zt. 6-8 proven catchy sea trout spots. We move in the area between Hagenør and Fønsskov Rev incl. The islands Fænø and Fænø Kalv. Since different groups also have different interests, the offers are worked out individually for each group.

(not possible on holidays like Ascension Day, Whitsun etc.)