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Porpoises and Whale Watching

The Whale in the Lillebælt

When you stand on the shore and look out over the clear water, you can hardly imagine the diverse world and impressive landscape that lies beneath the surface.

Wide plains with almost exotic plants, huge valleys and mountain landscapes formed by stones of all sizes and a world of rare wildlife. Sometimes, however, one is lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Belt’s underwater world even when we are above the surface. The Lillebælt is home to one of the world’s densest populations of the small whale, the porpoise. Because whales breathe above the water, we can occasionally glimpse their dorsal fin and get a salute from the underwater world.

Harbour porpoises belong in the Danish part of the Baltic Sea, especially in the Lillebælt. You can always expect to encounter these whimsical and inquisitive mammals on boat trips. The Lillebælt is the harbour porpoise’s preferred habitat, both during the breeding season, as a “kindergarten” and as a hunting ground.

The harbour porpoise

The harbour porpoise population is also an indication of fish stocks. Where there are many porpoises, there are also many fish. So, one should not see the porpoises as a competitor, but as an indicator. As a fly fisherman from the beach, you always have a companion in the porpoise, be it in a group or as a mother-child pair. Inflatable boat fishermen tell of porpoises following the boats to snatch the small fish that are thrown overboard. The porpoises follow the boats a few meters away. But also, guests who do not fish have the opportunity to experience the porpoises.

If you are on the beach at Gl. Going for a walk in Ålbo there is ample opportunity and opportunity to see harbour porpoises as there is deep water close to the beach. So, if you want a whale watching stay then Gl. Ålbo Camping the perfect place.

...a perfect spot for whale watching!

at Gl. At Ålbo Camping we can guarantee that you will experience the sight of the small whales during your stay with us. With a population of over 3000 harbour porpoises in the Lillebælt, many right at the end of our jetty, you are assured of the best whale watching conditions.

Rent one of our boats and experience your own whale watching experience in the Lillebælt.

Rent one of our boats and experience your own whale watching experience in the Lillebælt. Here you will definitely get close to the many porpoises.

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The Lillebælt has one of the densest harbour porpoise populations in the world, so you have the best conditions to experience the small whales with us.