Gl. Ålbo – history

All the way back in the Stone Age, the inhabitants were looking for the best possible settlements.

At the beach by Stenderup Hage by the Little belt, researchers still find stone tools and remains from the production of flint tools. Such finds prove that people have been taking advantage of the good location all the way from the early Stone Age to now. If we visit the forests around Gl. Ålbo, we find burial mounds and cult sites.

This area is perfect for hiking or biking trips. At some point in history, the Danish royal family ordered the planting of large oak forests that were to be used as raw materials for the production of a large war fleet. Later, such forests lost their importance because the ships were produced with steel. In these large forests, you can still find oak trees that are more than 500 years old.

Nowhere in Denmark will you find deeper water that close to the shore than by Gl. Ålbo and the deepest place is called Marens Hul (Maren’s Hole). We enjoy telling the story about Maren who was strong as a bear and ran a ferry connection to the island of Fænø, using a dinghy. The story goes that once, a drunken butcher tried to kiss her on the boat but he never reached the other shore…

Gl. Ålbo

One of the most interesting places for divers and anglers

With the water depth, current and underwater fauna and flora of the Little Belt, Gl. Ålbo is one of the most exciting diving spots in Denmark, both for diving directly from the beach and from a boat.

The first campsite stayovers were registered around 1960. Ellen Beck, who was a single mother of 11 children, started out by letting space in the field, mainly to German tourists from the Hamburg area.

As you cannot survive on 2 hectares of farm land, the place came with eel fishing rights as well. In 1970, the entire peninsular was declared a protected area, and at the same time, permission to run a campsite in Gl. Ålbo was provided.

At the peninsula of Stenderup Halvø, there are no large summer house areas and no mass tourism.

There is only a small campsite – Gl. Ålbo.