Gl. Ålbo Camping – harbour porpoises

Facts about harbour porpoises

Harbour porpoises live in the Danish part of the Baltic Sea, particularly in the Little Belt.

When you go sailing, you are sure to encounter some of these funny and curious mammals. The Little Belt is the favourite place to be for harbour porpoises – both during the breeding period, as “kindergarten” and as a hunting area. We know of no other areas of the Baltic Sea where you can find more harbour porpoises than here in the Little Belt.

Gl. Ålbo – the harbour porpoise stock

The harbour porpoise stock is also a standard for the fish stock. If there are lots of harbour porpoises, there are also lots of fish, so do not consider the harbour porpoise a competitor but an indicator. If you go fly fishing from the beach, you are always joined by the harbour porpoises – either as a group or as mother-baby-pairs. Dinghy fishermen tell stories about harbour porpoises following their boats in order to catch the small fish that are thrown overboard. The harbour porpoises follow the boats at a distance of a few metres.
Tourists without fishing rods can also spot the harbour porpoises in Gl. Ålbo. If you go for a walk on the beach in Gl. Ålbo, you will often see harbour porpoises because the water is very deep – even close to the shore. If you want a whale watching experience, Gl. Ålbo is the right place to be.