Gl. Ålbo Camping – a natural paradise by the Little Belt

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A natural paradise by the Little Belt

Gl. Ålbo – a natural paradise by the Little Belt. This is a wonderful place for anglers, divers, nature lovers and water enthusiasts. Here, harbour porpoises enjoy themselves in the Little Belt, even very close to the shore, and there are splendid sea trout in the water and sea eagles in the air.

The history behind Gl. Ålbo

All the way back in the Stone Age, the inhabitants were looking for the best possible settlements. At the beach by Stenderup Hage by the Little Belt, researchers still find stone tools and remains from the production of flint tools. Such finds prove that people have been taking advantage of the good location all the way from the early Stone Age to now. If we visit the forests around Gl. Ålbo, we find burial mounds and cult sites.

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