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Introductory diving / Scuba diving

If you dream of going diving to experience what lies beneath the surface, then at Gl. Ålbo Camping offers the opportunity for an introductory dive.

The dive takes place at the jetty together with one of our PADI instructors.
First you will get an introduction to breathing underwater and some theory on how water affects your body when diving.

Then we will show you how the equipment works and how to communicate underwater. You will also learn some important exercises, such as, how to empty your mask of water if some water enters it. At the end we tell you which fishes, plants and crabs you can expect to see during the dive.

The actual dive takes place at your own pace. Maybe just putting your head under water, lying on the sandy bottom and observing the life on the shore is enough for you.

Perhaps you dare to go a little further. Then we do underwater exercises and move out into slightly deeper water – this is where you get the feeling of being weightless. It can’t be described – it has to be experienced.

Throughout the dive, your instructor will be close to you and make sure it is a good and safe experience. Do you want to try?


Why dive with Gl. Ålbo camping?

  • Introductory diving right at the campsite
  • GL. Ålbo Camping has its own equipment
  • Gl. Ålbo Camping has its own PADI diving instructors who have many years of experience diving in the Lillebælt
  • The dive is at your own pace, if you are ready for more, we expand the experience
  • Gl. Ålbo Camping offers PADI courses, if you are ready for more.

Practical information

Price per. person 749, –

The price includes equipment rental and day pass if you are not a guest on the site.

Time and place

Weather-specific activity, as well as adapted with the instructor.