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Diving guide - your professional diving partner

At Gl. Ålbo Camping we offer guided dives directly from the campsite. The dive takes place together with one of our diving instructors, who all have many years of experience in the Lillebælt.

By choosing this service, you get a professional diving partner who, in addition to being the perfect partner will also find all the good and exciting dive sites that you don’t know yourself – maybe the diving partner spots the small crabs, lobsters or fish you just want to swim past.

The time of the dive is planned together with the instructor to ensure the optimal conditions in terms of current. Lillebælt is known for a strong currents and therefore it is important that the time is planned accordingly.

It is also agreed what exactly your needs are and whether there are any special wishes for the dive, such as depth or skills that should be checked by the diving instructor. The instructor can also refresh your skills if it has been more than 6 months since your last dive. Before the dive, the dive plan is checked and a thorough partner check is carried out.

The dive is also offered if you already are diving partners in advance, who would like to be introduced to the Lillebælt or need to have your skills refreshed.

Courage for more

In addition to guided dives from the campsite, dives from a boat are also offered. The campsite has its own boats. This means that many exciting dive sites along the Lillebælt coast can be reached within 30 minutes.

The places are also accessible by car – but why drive when you can go by boat.

Gl. Ålbo Camping has a wide range of PADI special courses. You proceed in such a way that you first carry out a theory module and then the prescribed dives are completed. At the end, a PADI certificate is issued.

Specialty courses, which can be carried out with an advantage in the Lillebælt

  • Drift Diving
  • Deep Diving
  • Night Diving
  • Buoyancy Control
  • Lillebælt Diver
  • Lillebælt Explorer

More information about these specialty courses can be obtained from reception or you can use the contact form here on the website.

Why dive with Gl. Ålbo camping?

  • Dive directly at the campsite
  • Ålbo camping has its own equipment that can be rented
  • Ålbo camping has its own filling station
  • Ålbo camping has experienced PADI diving instructors with many years of experience in the Lillebælt
  • The dives are based on your wishes and level of experience
  • Ålbo offers PADI diving courses if you have the courage for more

Practical information

Price per. person 375, –

The price is exclusive of equipment rental and day pass if you are not a guest on the site.

Time and place

Weather-specific activity and needs to be discussed with the instructor.